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At Innovative Underground, we specialize in providing a variety of solutions to your specific project needs.  Rely on our experienced team to assist you with your residential underground problems.

Our Specializations

Storm Water

We protect exterior walls, basement walls, foundations, crawl spaces, and landscaping. Our French drains are cosmetically appealing and structurally sound while collecting and removing water from your property. Our Storm Water systems include: French Drains, Swales, Drywells, Rain Drains, Sump Pumps, Crawl Space Drainage, Trench Drains, Underground drain from Downspout to outlet. Our hydro-jetter is built to flush asphalt shingle debris and pesky pine needles from your system without damaging your pipe.

Crawl Space

Most homes have a space under the house that has a soil floor known as a crawl space. These spaces can have moisture in the soil that can affect the integrity of the homes structure and can also cause houses to smell, mold and foundations to settle. To access these spaces, soil may need to be removed as well as debris, dead animals or a worn out vapor barrier. At Innovative Underground, we have the expertise to remove these obstacles and create vertical space, remove loose insulation and debris, and install drainage systems.

Sewer Repairs or Replacements

We provide affordable sewer replacement services for those unexpected failures. Our color recordable camera system allows us to provide sewer scopes and mapping of your current system. Our expertise are focused on replacing your sewer pipe between your home and city main or septic tank and drain field without major disruption to your service or landscaping.


Our excavation services are geared towards limited access residential properties. Our smallest excavator will fit through a gate or even the front door of your house. We have excavating equipment for working in tight spaces and larger areas that require deeper excavation.

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